I want to improve my English

Dear Sir,

A lot of thanks for responding and sending me the English lesson. I do not want to prepare tofel or toeic. I just want write correct english and speak with fluency. Besides i also want the correct usage of grammar. When i write any article or piece in english language i do not feel confidence that whatever i wrote it is grammitically correct or wrong due weakness in my grammar. If u help me to remove my errors in the english writing and overall command on the language I will be thankful to u.


Hello Intikhab,

Welcome to the forums.

I think you have made an excellent start at learning English, but please avoid using ‘txtspk’ abbreviations if you want to write grammatically correct English.
The pronoun ‘I’ should alsways be written as a capital letter, and it is ‘you’, not ‘u’. The word ‘English’ should also always begin with a capital letter.

I just want to write…
…grammatically correct due to weakness…

I would like to improve English too…Do you have for beginning any exercises with mixed tenses for my to practice ?