I want to Change!

Hi Everyone,

I really want to change my Username here in this site but I don’t know how. Please teach me on how to change it.

Thank you so much! :wink:


You will need a site administrator to change your username for you.
Either PM Torsten or Goldhat, or send an e-mail to
with your request.

I haven’t used the correct sign in the middle of that address. You’ll need to change it. This is to protect the address from spammers.

Thank you so much Ma’am. I think I had better stick to this username and to protect also our site from spammers and hackers.

You seem to misunderstand me.
You won’t open the site to spammers and hackers by sending an e-mail to the address. You just need to be aware that when you type the e-mail address, you will need to change ‘at’ to the correct sign.

Ahhh Okay Ma’am, I got it. thank you so much :wink: