I want some advice from you: How can I learn languages?

Salaam to you :smiley:
My main problem is I hate languages… all Languages in general. :oops:

When I was student in the college my marks in languages always down par, but I need it.

Pleas can you help me. :shock:

Hello and Salaam to you, too.

Is your first name “Drak”?

Do you need English for business? If so, what kind of business? If not, where or when do you need English?

Have you started reading the posts here in the forum?
Are you doing the forum tests?

Try to tell us a little more.


are from middle east ???
so , hi my neighbor

Hi 8)
I am rally sorry about wrong in my writing.
I am an architect and my job is interior design so I need use English when I speak to my customers & when I looking for information about my work.
Drak it is wrong my user name is Dark magician.
Thank Yankee :cry:
yes I come from middle east Hercules :oops:

Hi Dark Magician

Really? An architect and interior design? That sounds interesting! How did you get interested in that? Do you work for a company? Or do you work freelance?

Don’t worry too much about writing mistakes at the moment. The most important thing is that you keep trying ! :smiley:


Salaam to you :lol:
I think my job is very interesting, my work takes all my time and I always think about it.
I work in large company in my country, it’s contrapuntal with kitchens.
Work starts at 9 mornings and finish at 5 evening, I often come early.
In the morning I go to my projects out our company then I come back to my office
And I use imagination for my job; I always deal with sweet ideas. :idea:
But I must don’t forget accuracy in my work because that very important to our job.
I am really enjoined in this program. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Yankee
Where are you?
[size=200][color=orange]Did my talk is very boring :x [/size]
so you didn’t response to me!

Hi Dark magicain and salaam to you,

I know Amy has been busy answering grammar and vocabulary questions and she has read your message too. We are always interested in learning more about professional people like you. Could you please tell us how often you use English in your job? When you go and speak to clients you do so in Arabic, I suppose? Also, what do you like most about your job? You said you use your creativity everyday, could you please give us some examples?

Talk to you soon,

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[size=200][color=orange]Salaam special to Mr. Torsten[/size] :wink:
In fact I miss Mrs. Amy because she perfect in English. I think…
And you too.
I want thank you to help me to found my post, I see the forum English for Beginners, and there is good information and Ideas.
Of course I use English in my job; I think I tell you that. :?
:arrow: Any way, when I speak to clients the most my talk in my [color=darkred]local language and some time in English and I use special computer programs. It’s all in English such as [color=olive](2020 - 3dmax - adobe photoshop - auto cad - factory).And I must read or wrote in English when I studied basic interior design.
Yes I interesting with my work because I like it.
About last your request, I don’t understand it, do you want from me sent some my ideas to see it. :?:

Hi Dark Magician

I’m still here. :smiley: Sorry, but there have been lots of other questions to answer. Thank you for the nice compliment. :smiley:

I think Torsten wants to know (and so do I) how you use creativity at work. Where or when do you have to use the most creativity?

What is the easiest part of your job and what is the hardest part? How many people do you work with?

Looking forward to hearing from you

[size=150][color=red]HI Mrs. Amy [/size]
I am very happy with your post :smiley: and I greeting to Mr. Torsten very much.
Of course :o I think my job depend on creativity because it very important
I use creativity when I design a kitchen. of course the kitchen must to be workable and useful then it must to be beautiful, so we use many basics for that. :wink:
I use creativity too when drawing the elevation on Auto Cad or 2020
-Because we have a lot of movement and accessories-.
The kitchen should be a fun place, and a place where you want to be.
In fact I haven’t any thing easy… because my job always request accuracy and imagination, but I think the hard part in my job when I inventing strange Ideas and wonderful. :idea:

Hi Dark magicain,

It seems you aren’t as dark as your name might indicate ;-). So you design kitchen interiors and you obviously enjoy your job. Could you please describe a typical (is something like this exists) day in the life of a kitchen interior designer? Also, how did you find your job? I mean, are you employed by a company or do you work freelance? For some reason I can’t open your website. Do I have to speak to a magician first?

Talk to you soon,

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Hi Dark magicain
I think that you should try more and more to find the way which give you the real practise …
In this great website , there are many courses here can get you a good help ( grammar test , Lessons , and … more and more useful links . )
I feel that you are so busy ,so i think you should try in your free time to do some good thing to …
as to me, I’m very busy (like you ) but I always exploit my free time , and you can buy a small recorder or MP3 recorder ( sure with hand-phone ) and enjoy listening English lessons or English music or any thing that get you a real practise …


Herc :smiley:

Hi Dark Magicain

It must be a challenge to design a kitchen that is beautiful, fun AND functional. But, you’re absolutely right! That’s what a kichen should be. Do you design “eat-in” kitchens or kitchens mainly for cooking or both?

I for one would enjoy hearing about one or two of your “strange and wonderful” designs in more detail. For example, what makes it strange? Colors? Material(s)? Shape?


Hi Mr. Torsten 8)
In the first I want thank you about your kind feeling.
There are two types from work in the darkness (evil :twisted: - well-being :lol: )
I am from second type.
I work in the company I’m employed in it but I’ll own my company in the future and after my job in company I work especial jobs to me.
Now I tell you about one day from my life:
I wake up 7:15 am then I have my breakfast at 8:00 and I go to my work at 8:45.
My work starts at 9:00 fortunately our company near from my House. :roll:
The first thing I do in the company I drink coffee then I print the kitchen plan without Boxes just walls, and I go to the client kitchen’s, I take all (dimensions-radius-angular) walls, and (distance- height ) pipes and electrics. I must to be very quality when I do that work then I come back to office and drawing all that on my computer and I put the best solves to it , maybe I stand with clients if salesmen were so busy and explaining to them on our goods .
I have a good feeling to my job; we are 10 employs in gallery (company) and over 50 in factory.
Oh yes about spell words of course I am going to give you but after ran my web because it’s experience now. :wink:

[size=200][color=violet]Salaam and huge Hi Hercules[/size] :lol:
Thank and thank on your help to me but unfortunately I can’t listen to any thing when I Work because my job is very impressible and I afraid wrong in it.
In fact I have Mobil and it can recording but I never use it. :idea:

[color=red] Hi Mrs. Amy :smiley:
We are taken all that in our design, I’ll tell you, and how I work:
I am focus on those aspects which take into account during planning and furniture equipment selection.
Also I focus on what is important for your comfort in the kitchen.
There are five kitchen zones: :arrow:
1- provisions: this kitchen zone contains typical consumer goods.
2- Storage: this kitchen zone used to store Items.
3- cleaning: this “wet zone” contains storage areas, a waste collector as well as household cleaners.
4- preparation: this kitchen zone in the main work area in the kitchen.
5- Cooking: this kitchen zone includes the hob, cooking, microwave, extractor fan, pots pans.
Of course I deal with colors I mixing tow colors or more
The game it’s in totaling all that things to make [size=150][color=orange]wonder kitchen.[/size] :twisted:

Hi Dark Magicain

Haven’t you forgotten a zone? I’m talking about the windows and light in a kitchen. :wink:

Do you have any input about that when you do your designing (e.g., in a new house)? In my kitchen I’ve got two windows: one on the east side of the house, one on the south side. My kitchen is not a “designer” kitchen, but I still think it’s a nice one. However, the windows and sunlight make it even nicer! :smiley:

Do you design kitchens for “average” people? Or do you design more expensive kitchens?


Hi Hercules,

Many thanks for sharing your ideas – I like your proposal because when you listen to audio files while you are working, you can kill two or even more birds with one stone. On top of that you can save a lot of time and maybe you can even increase the productivity of your work.
Could you please tell me what MP3 you listen to every day? Do you have any audio books? Also, you will find some interesting ideas on how to improve your English in this discussion: How to learn English fast?

Speak to you soon,

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[size=200][color=blue]Hi Mrs. Amy :smiley: [/size]
How are you? :o
I didn’t forget any zones :x , but I give you general lines in design kitchens.
Of course the windows and the doors and the roofs are very important
But I can’t speak on it before I see the kitchen.
For example your kitchen you say about it. It has two windows the one in the east
That good, but maybe there are obstacles and reserved I don’t know!
And light … oh light yes that thing is very important and it make special kitchen.
Before we study light. We must know style of kitchen (modern- classic-open kitchen- dirty kitchen), and the material (P.V.C- natural wood - laminate) and the colors.
After all that we can chooses kind of ceramic (wall-floor) all that we do for the same your feeling nice place. :roll:
Price… you are cause to me embarrass :oops: . Any way our price is height but you must be sure you are take the best kitchen (style-kind-material) and we have a lot of accessories :wink: