I want help: The Muppet show.

I saw this piece of video “below”…

When kermit said “are you trying to say” then Miss Piggy repllied "Yes,Kermit… My dressing room[color=red]…

that I couldn’t catch on what was after the “room” and what kermit said after “I’ll send [color=red]…”.

I need help !! I want these two phrases that I wasn’t abe to pick them up.


youtube.com/watch?v=BeuekMbX … E34336F781

here is another scene,

Miss Piggy was repeating Kermit’s sentense: “you understand completely” then she said something “but you suppose… something”.
I’d like to know what was that?



“my dressing room sink is stopped up again” (clogged)

“I’ll send scooter up with a plunger” (the tool used to unclog a sink)

‘But you’re supposed to turn green with envy!’

Thank you very much, OxfordBlues & Mister Micawber. Id’ like to ask one more time about the second scene.

When Miss piggy said; ‘But you’re supposed to turn green with envy!’ A blue eagle came in between and said something then she said; “trip” or “treep” stuff like that. I want to know what he meant and what that word she said back !

Sorry for the too many questions.

Blue Bug (not an Eagle): If he did, how could you tell?
Ms Piggy: Creep!

Hmmm, while we’re doing muppets, can I get help with this? What comes after he says ‘bork bork bork’



Hello Mr. Micawber,

What did the blue bug suggest when he said that?
I’d like to kow about “creep” as well? As I know “creepy” but “creep” !!! … new to me.


The pig wouldn’t be able to recognize if the frog is green from envy because the frog is always green.

‘Creep’ = obnoxious person.

creep - as well as an obnoxious person, this is also used of a person who behaves in an flattering, fawning way in the hope of advancement or becoming ingratiated with the person they are being obsequious to.


That’s funny. Yes it’s true. How could he?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve got the clue.
Thank you, Beee.

“My dressing room sink is stopped up again.” - that is, ‘my sink is blocked’
“I’ll send Scooter up with a plunger.” (Scooter is the name of another muppet.)

I was asking myself what is that “scooter”? I thought that would be like something could help to unclog the kitchen sink along with the plunger.

Thank you for the clarification, Beee.