I understand the English Test emails!

today i received your mail this is a very simple system i can understand it i like -thanksLIKE -THANKS

That’s great to hear, Prithvi1963![YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Mr. Torsten,

Hello, my name is Jorge Jarmillo. I am 50 years old, I am married and I have six childern. I was born and raise in Guayaquil-Ecuador. I really appreciate the time your taking to help me to improve my English. To tell you the truth I havent"t been able to study the way I should or would like to. Just have a lot of things going on around the home front. So I ask of you to please be patience with me. The lil that I have’d read so far is interesting so I know once I get on the ball I will be able to dedicated more time to my studying.

Thanks once again for your time.

Yours truly,

Jorge Jaramillo

Dear Dr.Torsten Daerr

Thanks a lot for you consideration about my English study. I didn’t do the English test you gave me in the last email cause I was too busy. I’m sorry about it. But as soon as I finished it, I will send you my result.

All the best.

Thank You Mr. Torsten Daerr,

I am very much eager to improve my language.


Thank you very much for your e.mail. I know the pronouns and I’ m ready for the second lesson. I have been studying english for many years, I know the grammatic and when I read, I understand everything, but my vocabulary isn’t so large as I wish. I’m a teacher and I teach italian and history in a middle school in Verona- Italy, my town. I spent a month in England for my holidays because my husband has his job there and now I’m at home in Verona. My english isn’t so good and I wish to improve it.

Dear Sir,

How are you? I wish you to good health. I am studying your lessons and thank you for send your links to me. I am not good English So, Could you help me please it.

Sincerely your,

Best Regards,

yours’ candidate

Thank you very much.
Nguyen Van Can.

thanks a lot i adore the way of your teaching

Hi torsten,
this is balaji from india,tamilnadu,coimbatore.am doing mba, i understood the first english test, very thankful for your free serving

Dear Torsten Daerr,
Thank you very much for sending me English Lessons. My name is Suci Wariani, I am from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am a teacher, I want to learn English well so, I can teach it to my students.
Yours sincerely,
Suci Wariani

Dear Torsten Daerr
How are you today? I am very grateful for sending me your lessions.
Thanks so much!

I am so thankful to you as you are trying to teach me the smallest things in English grammar as well as to teach me about the communication skills.
Thank you. Have a nice day.

thanks for the first email my country is ethiopia and i am egger to develop my english language with you

Thank you so much. the test is very good. i am practicing every day, but is not that easy.

Thank you for sending me valuable email
I like it very much. How can I too write an essay and get a feedback of yours explaining my weakness and guiding how to improove.
Thank you

Best regards
umar indonesia

Dear Mr/Ms Torsten Daerr

Thanks for your advises

I try to do when I have enough time but not right now .

Hi Bach,

Thanks a lot for your message. Please note that the word ‘advises’ is a verb:
He advises clients on how to invest their money.

What you want to say is ‘Thanks for your advice’.

Best regards,

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Thansks for your well responce…
there is one question in my mind. when do i give test there is poor performance by me actually i want to collect which have i done. so please suggest me…

Hello Ashraf,

Many thanks for your message. You can see your learning progress here: english-test.net/progress_re … ser=174710

Best regards,

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