I touched it and my fingers felt funny

At a restaurant

Manager: Why is the cutlery sticking to your fingers?
Man: Ah, it was the microwave.
Manager: The microwave? I don’t have a microwave oven in this restaurant.
Man: No, no, It was Frankie’s microwave. I touched it and my fingers felt funny. Now the cutlery stuck to them.
Manager: Well, pull them off. You pull one way, and I pull the other way.
Man: OK.
Manager: Pull.
Man: Oh.
Manager: Now, just don’t touch the cutlery again. I’ll set the table.


1- What does “my fingers felt funny” mean?

2- What does “feel funny” in this case?

Thank you

Video link: (25 seconds)



This is “funny” as in strange, not funny as in “ha-ha”.


Thank you so much, Arinker :rose:


Chips got magnetized. Microwave ovens use a strong magnet to generate the microwaves. Chips has a metal suit and turned into a magnet. He’s lucky that he didn’t blow all his circuits. He seems to be OK though, other than cutlery having a strange attraction to him.


Thank you so much, NearlyNapping :rose:

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