I think that’s all we need to talk about ID

Talking about ID



Man: I was born in toronto, but my parents were born in Italy. So, I’m Italian-Canadian.

Woman: And I’m Chinese-Canadian, and I have the ID to prove it.

Man: Oh, you mean proof of identity?

Woman: Yes.

Man: I was born in toronto, I have lots of ID too, I have a bankcard, I have a birth certificate, Visa card, a license…

Woman: We often have to prove our identity to show proof of ID.
One place where you need to show your ID is at Customs…

Man: Citizenship card…

Woman: Another is at the bank, or when you get your driver’s license, or when the police stop you for driving too fast.

Man: So our personal identity, our ID, is complete now.

Woman: Name, address, phone number, date of birth, place of birth, nationality.

Man: And marital status, Jane. Sometimes you have to tell people whether you’re married or single.

Woman: And sometimes you don’t.

Man: Well, … I’m single.

Woman: think that’s all we need to talk about ID.

I think that’s all we need to talk about ID

What does “ID” mean in this sentence"

Does it mean “ID card” or something else?

Thank you

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Probably, it does, but in my opinion I think that’s all we need to talk about ID ← is very vague.


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I believe she is referring to the general topic of IDs and the personal information on them.

What she’s really “saying” is she doesn’t want to tell this guy anything about herself.


I think the guy is flirting with her. When a guy asks a woman if she is single, this often means he is interested in dating her. She realizes this and changes the subject. The body language and smile show she is not against the flirting and maybe even enjoying it. She cuts him off, but she is being polite and playful about it.


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