I think it’s time for us to go home vs. I think it’s time that we went home


(1) I think it’s time for us to go home.

(2) I think it’s time that we went home.

What is the difference between the sentences?



To me they have no difference in meaning or connotation.


In this context - you have to imagine that you are leaving someone’s house and perhaps you have stayed at the house and had a meal there and now you want to go home. Either you are direct and say - It’s time for us to go home. Or possibly you want to be more subtle and polite and say - I think it’s time we went home.


Hello, Sir Alan.

  1. Why the past tense in English is always for politeness? As e.g. “could you help me, please?”
  2. When someone ask about e.g. “a word”, the answer will be " the word would be" Why we use “would”?


Hi Mona,h

The tense is not actually past simple but past subjunctive. The subjunctive is used for ‘unreal’ situations and also if you want to indicate a tentative meaning and this links to the idea of politeness. So you say - The answer is 24 - this is wholly definite and positive. You say - The answer would be 24 - this is tentative.

Does that make sense?



Yes. Thank you very much, Sir Alan.


Sir, i think first sentence is right i couldn’t understand the second sentence meaning. If both had the same meaning can we use it in spoken language.