I skimmed it

please help me out with this word “skim” in a conversation below :

Matthew Patel: I am Ramona’s first evil ex-boyfriend!
Scott Pilgrim: Wait! We’re fighting over Ramona?
Matthew Patel: Didn’t you get my email explaining the situation?
Scott Pilgrim: I skimmed it.
Matthew Patel: You will pay for your insolence!

what does it mean when you say I skimmed it does this means I removed it


thanks in advance :slight_smile:

skim = to read or glance through (a book, for example) quickly or superficially

Yes. I believe other ways of expressing the same thing would be:

I passed an eye over it;
I read it here and there;
I skipped through it. – this one might only apply to books, though. I am not sure. :slight_smile:

thanks all of you ! :slight_smile: