I request to check and rate my essay.

Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behavior. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences.

Usually visitors to foreign countries are there for some purposes, Those purposes can be business relating, travel relating, diplomatic and so on. For successful dealing with the purposes, at least one side, either visitors or the people of foreign countries, should welcome the other side’s customs and behavior. It is difficult to do so for the people of foreign countries, as they are out numbered compare to visitors. So I believe that visitors should adapt their customs and behaviors to conform with the people of the foreign countries, to deal with their purposes successfully, as the number of the visitors is less compare to people of foreign countries.

To deal with the purposes successfully, lower communication gap is required. If the communication gap is low then the visitors and the people of the foreign countries will be able to exchange their minds freely. They will not feel any resistance and confusion at their works. The works will be faster. On the other hand due to the lack of communication a misunderstanding can occur any moment. As a result duality will occur between the visitors and the people of host countries and all the efforts for making the purposes successful will be futile. To reduce the communication gap language, customs and behavior should be learned. Language will help to be orally good, customs will help to be liked, and behavior will maintain the peaceful environment. As we know the more the people the more difficult to adapt something. As an example, if a ruler wants to drive a new rule among the five people and the 1000 people then he will feel more resistance at the time of driving the new rule among 1000 people than among the five people. So since it is difficult to learn visitors language, customs and behaviors for all of people of host countries as they are out numbered, the visitors should learn the foreign countries custom and behavior.

To sum up the above explanation, for dealing the purposes successful, either visitors or the people of host countries definitely should accept the customs and behaviors of other’s. Since it is quite impossible for all of the people of the host countries to accept customs and behaviors of others’s, visitors must accept the customs and behavior of host countries. In addition, although visitors should accept the host countries’s customs and behavior, they should not lose their identities and host countries can also accept visitors customs and behaviors slightly, which will be more effective.

[size=125]I request to check and rate my essay.[/size]

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Hi, I thought your writing was pretty good, but your essay was not that convincing to me. You did not have too many grammatical errors, although you did have quite a few awkward or vague sounding phrases. I would have liked more specific examples, as you seem to have a lot of vague statements. There was an awful lot of repetition as well, I was looking for more “meat” to your arguments. Overall, I would rate this a 3 out of 5.