I really need 'Win Over Word'

Dear friends
How can I buy WOW book? I live in Iran. I couldn’t find this book here.
Please help me. My sister lives in Ausria, Vienna. Can she find this book in Vienna?

You mean “Win over Word[color=blue]s”, Nina. Is it not possible to order the book online and have it shipped to your address?

Still, not sure I’d want a copy if this example is anything to go by:

"Rapt (adj)

My many friends read rape news with rapt attention. So rapt means fascinated."


Very odd thing to be rapt by, IMO.

Also, if I were to get a student to learn the word “rapt” I would certainly get him/her to learn or notice the very common collocation “attention” along with it.

I ordered this book online but no one answer me. I think WOW book is published in India. I found this book in ‘‘www.achieverspoint.com/winoverwords.htm’’.
This example is one of the very interesting examples of WOW. But you are right.

hi Nina
i too need ‘win over word’
can u help me if u hav that book.