i need ur help please.

hello everyone!
i am doing ielts at this time.

my english language is not very strong.

i can focus on speaking but i cann’t focus on writing and reading.

writing is very difficult to me.

plz help me.

give me suggestion where can i get latest essays?

what should i do?

i have already buy ielts books 1 to 8.
but the books has only topic not complet essays.

but i need lastest topics which are the very important.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a professor and his student

Adeel, although this a Toefl Website, but I will try to help you with your writing skills.
Your writing skills won’t magically improve until you work really hard on reading and listening.
Don’t just try to learn essays that have aleady been written in the past.
[size=150][color=red]You have to start writing essays on your own and not copy paste or learn them by heart!![/size]
I am providing you with a list of topics:-
1-Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten. Discuss.

2-Should sports classes be sacrificed in High School so students can concentrate on academic subjects?

3-Are zoos necessary for education?

These are few very easy topics. [color=red]Start writing!

Body of essay, comprising of examples, reasons and details.