I need some help in choosing universities: Do I need SAT for Europe?

Hello everyone!

Well, probably one of the most trivial questions is how can I choose appropriate universities & colleges.I am an internatioanal student(from Bulgaria) & I took Toefl(277/300),Sat I(2020 with essay-11/12) & three Sat II(Math IC 770,Math IIC 710, French 680).I need a scholarship because the extremely high tuitions are a trouble.I think of repeeting the Sat I.Is it a good idea?I am also thinking of applying in Europeen universities.Do I need SAT for Europe?And how can I choose a university/college appropriate for me that will give me a scholarship?Which universities give scholarships-private or public?

go to this site u can choose the universities based on ur mark, location, etc. and also get the all details about the univesities. specially u can get the scholarchip details also with full details.

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There isn’t much you can do on the website (link) in Martin’s post above. I haven’t even been able to get the sample test to work. Martin is apparently advertising. But, there isn’t much of a product to see.

I hear that Princeton offers good financial aid…