I need some help for the toefl prep CBT

hai ,i need some help for the toefl prep. CBT

i have already given mine last month but my score was not good…i thought i was well prepared but i got a score 180.
so can u please some tips or suggestions and guide me how to prepare and score well in the exam.

i am not sure when should i sit for the exam.what do u suggest shall i go and give it a shot for CBT this month or wait for another and go for IBT.

please guide me thanks…


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Dear chins,

Do you mean score 180 in the computer-based or paper-based TOEFL test? Either way, the answer is pretty much the same: you should develop your general English skills as much as possible. This can be done by reading English books, newspapers, magazines, watching English films and English television, talking to native speakers of English and so on. The TOEFL preparation materials on this site are also very good. However, all this might not be enough: your weakness might be in that you are tense or nervous when you take the test, or you might have misunderstood something in regard to the test questions. If you feel nervous when sitting the test, take a deep breath. You have learnt a lot, after all! And if the structure of the test itself is a problem, use this and other sites dedicated to TOEFL preparation and learn how the test works. Best of luck with your TOEFL test.