I need some advice, please!

Hello everybody,

I am writing to request your advice:

I am teaching Englkish as a volunteer in a junior secondary school and about to teach them how to write a letter in English. Then, I would like to know if it is badly thought to encourage the pupils or lernbers in finding them some penfriends abrod in an English-Speaking country such Ghana, South Africa, the UK, tyhe USA, to help them make progress in their way to speak and write English very well.

By the way, in case it’s not wrongly thought, I would I need to get some school contacts for that project.

Thanks in advanace for you response to my request of advice.


I think that sounds a good idea from all points of view. By the way I am a bit worried about some of the spellings in your message or are they simply typos?


Hello Allan and thanks a lot for your response. You’re right top be worried. I often did not read again the message posting it. That is why you could read many mistaken words in my message.

For example with “lenbers” I meant “learners” and with English at the beginning (I wrongly added k) and “abroad” instead of writing “abrod” and “the” instead of “thye”

Thanks a lot again for your attention.