I need some advice on improving my fluency

Eventhough Ive been an English teacher before I feel my English should be improved.
Most of the times when I write in English, the letter contanstly repeated is I…I played, I wrote, I am, I, I ,I,and its difficult for me to change that,reading your letters I realized its not extremely neccesary to use that letter in writing ,what might be wrong???please let me know :shock:

In my opinion i think it is a good way to improve writings by reading .Yeah,all kinds of english reading materials .That is what i am doing now,of course,try to write down your feelings after reading them,which would be helpful.Good Luck!

Thanks for your answer Ireally appreciate that,about your question I didnt find these prasal verbs in a sentence, they were options ,I should ve chose one and now Its quite difficult to find them again ,I hope you understand ,big kiss

I think, it is typical problem for many lower advance level students or intermediate level students ,
well even teachers or people after the professional language school seem to be not exactly free of this.
Probably you know the answer yourself Cristina.
But if you want to be reminded ?
For writing the best option is just write everyday two three essays ,copying entire sentences and looking for your mistakes like you will look for animals
(danger animals) being in the jungle.
I guess ,to write as much as you can and be very aware that almost every sentence may be wrong somehow trying to find it, to improve it and so on and so on… .
Letter " I " is a bit too much sometimes, and you may be going to loose her with time in more and more situations. Personally I have nothing against " I ".
The problem is mine also as you see above.

Thanks for your advices
I really appreciate them,and be sure,in the future,you wont see all the mistakes you can see now big kiss for you,whenever you need me just let me know.
Brains, like hearts ,go where they are appreciated.

Cristina, there are various things that help improve one’s fluency, but they all amount to more input and more output.

FangFang wrote that you should read a lot, and that is absolutely true, and he (or she) is right that all kinds of English reading materials are important. In foreign languages I read the news, and books or magazines on any subject that interests me. I often read texts on science or other subjects that are meant for older children, maybe around 12. This is good because your language will improve through extensive reading at a level slightly below your full ability. Another thing I do: I am too lazy to read computer manuals, so I get them in foreign languages (with lots of pictures) and I read them. This way they are both language practice and computer training.

When you read the news in English, for example, read stories that you already know about in your own language. Then you have pure language learning without using the dictionary too much. One of my most fluent students said she had improved her speech and writing by reading novels in English that she had already read in her own language.

Another thing you need to do is listen a lot. I used to record talk shows from the radio and listen to them four or five times. About a half hour of talk is a good length. Longer is too much. Now, with so much English talk on the web that you can download and put into an MP3 player, or with special programs you can use to capture sound and convert it to MP3s, you’ve got a lot of material.

One place to get a lot of MP3s to listen to is: voanews.com/specialenglish

The third component is to talk and write more.

Thank you very much for all your advice,My problem is that my headphones are not working ,so, now its impossible for me to practice listening, instead of using them,my Cds are the only tool available ,so, I dont give up and Im listening them as much as I can,thanks again for the advices, about reading, yes Im sure ,its completely right,that with reading you improve fluency, writing and also spelling,well I gotta go now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee