I love Yingluck's moves.

I kinda admire Yingluck.

I love her recent moves.

She used her business stuff on diplomacy and politics. Cool.

Have fun.

Don’t waste your strength when you’re on the winning side. ( Black Knight )

I wish she was my President.

I see her as the Iron Lady of the Asean. She can be. Who knows.

Diplomacy is all about killing your enemies with an elegant smile. ( Black Knight )

It is easy to see the hardness of iron, but its softness inside. ( Black Knight )

Have fun, learn English on English Test Net.

Then be a true winner.

Luv, luv. Laters!

I don’t know wot’s happening there. But leave Yingluck alone. She’s a good leader.

Give her a chance.

I know she will win. I mean why make all the fuss to her.

A good leader is really rare these days.

Rabble rousing is still a best technique?

Not to me. It’s the lousiest noble price winners’ techniques. Oh, dear.

Be wise.

Why all these people are chasing for Noble Price.

Maybe we have more and more wannabe millionaires these days.

Bad examples?

Noble Price people should reform themselves as well?

It seems I shout democracy, throw myself in front of prearranged my friend’s car, get some press people and rabbles to endorse me.

Yah lah I still can be a millionaire. As she hero did.

Why didn’t I think about that.

Do I still have the time?

Hi everyone, Yingluck is good or bad, please read this article.

www.thetoptens.com/worst-world-leaders/ … ct_map=%7B"664021990308057"%3A390019674440333%7D&action_type_map=%7B"66402

youtube.com/watch?v=sAf0myRC … ture=share

How is this young Thai lady’s speaking skills ?


I once chanced to listen Yingluck’s interview with BBC. You may know that speaking on an ad hoc interview, reading a rehearsed speech and speaking to a close friend are totally different.

Having an interview with a unwelcome naughty reporter is such a chore.

Yingluck may be no speaker. But she’s got a beautiful heart for her people.

Anyway, she is the best leader for her country for the time being. I don’t see No substitute. I donch know.

She’s untouchable now. Unless otherwise, there will be miserable consequences.

Have fun.

The girl’s speech in Thai? no comment.

But, English? nope. Sorry to say. To me we need a lot of good RP accent to make a good speech.

We can learn the best speeches made by the Iron Lady. Absolutely perfect. Wax mannequins could melt down listening to her speeches.

When she was making speeches, the English blokes in the parliament couldn’t say anything but were always watching her with their gaping mouths.

She always stole the shows.

Oh, my hero. I miss you.

We, the Asians think the Whites will appreciate our accented English. No, they don’t.

They well pretend as they like/love our accented English, coz they are making money out of their languages.

And vice versa. We Junglies pretend we like/love they say Minglaba ( wearing sarongs/longyis ) to us in their accents. lol.

I’m so annoyed to hear a cheap German guy selling detergent on our Burmese TV. With a lousiest ever Burmese accent.

Poor guy doesn’t know we don’t have accent when we speak. We yell. lol.

What a shame.

But, business and human being?

Everyone becomes good cheater, when they cheat each other good.

Once my Londoner teacher Jacky 5’11 visited our home and stayed overnight. My naughty mother helped her try wearing very casual Burmese dress, a blouse and a longyi. Later Jacky came up to me and said, how do I look? to fish my support.

Bluntly said I, No good!

Oh, my too honest was I.

Have fun.

I really don’t like to talk about politic especially Thai government, because we never have full democracy (only have flawed democracy). Jingluck doesn’t has any leadership skills, she does things by following her brother (Thaksin ) the former Prime minister like a puppet. I’m sicked and tired of her performances.

Dear Black knight we live in a democratic world, surely everybody has the right to say anything about Yingluck. No-one can stop you…have fun.

Dear Unchan,

Of course, you can talk what you like to talk as a free human. You can take whatever Isms as a free man.

My view is only an outsider’s view. Like the one in the crowd viewing a match.

I’ve been to Thailand several times, since I was a young man since 1982. I stayed at Rama Garden Hotel then.

I found that Thais are very civilized people.

I hate politics, but I study politics in order not to get cheated.

What you are saying now is the view point of who oppose Yingluck.

A popular cliche.

To my knowledge every president and prime minster is a puppet. They have their master or masters of puppet behind the curtain.

Democracy is a cliche as well. There no country in the world which has full democracy in reality. Even in Greece.

Just think why the people throughout the world are chanting those ’ rights after rights.

Very well, to my outsider’s view Yinluck is a indispensable for the Thais, at least for the time being.

Unless the full democracy you want will sway away from you for some decades.

If all Thais can give Yingluck a second chance, they will see the promising future. I’m very positive about it.

She’s a good leader. I must say.

Have fun.

Democracy is a word they happily use when they want to harm some people.

A leader needs a good root.

After the USSR, everybody is chanting Democracy. Like after the Romans there came the Dark Ages.

True elements of democracy is long gone.

Some millions people think democracy is some kind of fringe benefits, some even think it is baked beans.

I remember I shouted for democracy in 1988 not to get mugged by the mobs/thugs, some of my friends shouted for quick/instant promotions.

But some of them got sacked and had a dog’s life for some years. ( None of them got No green cards, nor promotions ) When I was fooling around with the fluffy fluffy chickens in night clubs. ( Whose got the democracy then? )

“Democracy our cause, our cause, our cause” we naughtily yelled on Rangoon’s streets. We didn’t have anything in our heads them.

Some might see green cards from Uncle Sam in their dreams. But they don’t know Uncle Sam Don’t have 40 million green cards for us. Maybe 40 for the top shouters.

Then we’ve happily suffered until now 2014.

Oh, boy.

Have fun with democracy in this cold. Feeling warm now?

P.S - I don’t like communism, I like socialism and Democracylism.

Oh, man they don’t have democracylism in dictionaries.

Read my writing like rubbish please. Unless you’ll feel like you’ve been brainwashed.

Think Rasputin then.

After I learned this word ‘Macro’ my way of thinking is always based on ‘Macro’. Even when I pick up a chicken in a night club. My chicken must be a Macro Chicken, not a Micro Chicken. Unless I’ll face a win-lose situation.

Oh, just a funny funny thought. ( Not to copy )

Dark Ages, the early medieval period of western European history. Specifically, the term refers to the time (476–800) when there was no Roman (or Holy Roman) emperor in the West; or, more generally, to the period between about 500 and 1000, which was marked by frequent warfare and a virtual disappearance of urban life. It is now rarely used by historians because of the value judgment it implies.

Ref. Britannica

If you have the eagle eyes, you can have a panoramic vision. If you have the rat eyes, you can have a tunnel vision. ( Black Knight )

Which would you choose then?

Be wise.

Stay warm, cos’ out on the streets is too cold now.

I just don’t want to see Thailand as a hugely divided nation.

Cos’ I love Thailand.

We have cause and effect way of thinking. Just see a little more inside the cause. You’ll see 'the cause itself has its own original cause. And so on. ( Black Knight )

We Junglies had 'not that poor, poor lives until 1988.

All of the sudden some people demanded so called Democracy. I donch know they get it now or not.

From 1988 to 2014, we’ve passed 25 years. One fourth of a century .

Both my nieces got married. The little one was not born yet in 1988. Lucky her, she didn’t see the evil side of mankind yet.

But I see we are all getting poorer and poorer. One government after another. Their hopes go on.

But I don’t hope nor expect anything. I simply live my mangy life to my standard.

I see we Junglies have lost everything. Culture, Pride, Dignity, Education, Humanity they’re all long gone. Because we wish too much for the things we don’t really believe in, at least we don’t really know.

If you know a bit of management, you can see that, we’ve already lost from the start?

We don’t have no clear vision, no true mission, no firm objective. We’re simply drifting in the Pacific of Dreamy Better Life.

I really donch know. Not to my low IQ. Yet, I don’t believe in Mirage.

How can you build a Democracy Palace with rabbles. Those good people are all gone. Our Fathers have cruelly abandoned us.

Be yourself, it is wise.

N.B - Kindly be informed. I’m not against any organization or group or Ism.

I’m just perfecting my way of thinking by sniffing at panties. Nobody pays me for anything I write. I just eat , sleep and eat what my mother puts in front me ( mostly decent food, she’s the best cook ever ), ( Positive cushy dog’s life you can call it ).

But I love it ’ with my four blankets and fluffy fluffy chickens.

Do whatsoever you wish, mind you ’ look before you leap.

We have 7 billions people today. Everybody is busy to help you up?

I myself think my writings are like a Pandora’s box.

If you could open it you could be a President.

Don’t take it too seriously though, you could end up in Shangriladida like the poor Bloke.

Have fun. Love you all.

I feel so embarrassed to have a leader in my country like Yingluck. Thailand’s economy is going down hill, GDP decreased from 7% to 3 % and high in debt. She made a big loss for every government’s project because of corruptions. The vast majority of Thai people want to reform before having a new election which is the protesters required for.

In Australia and New Zealand we consider we have full democracy, everybody must vote, it’s compulsory. Here I have never heard about buying votes( cheating) like Thailand.

Sadly last few days so many innocent protesters were killed in Bangkok. I have no fun at all when I see nasty government killing people. hopefully things will get better in the near future.

By the way I can’t record my voice message because my headphone is broken…sorry.

Dear Unchan,

Please see Macro.

List of countries by real GDP growth rate
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of estimates of real gross domestic product growth rate for the latest years recorded in the CIA World Factbook. The estimates are for the year 2012 unless otherwise indicated.The list contains some non-sovereign territories.

1 Libya 104.5
3 Afghanistan 12.50
4 Mongolia 12.30
9 Macau 10.00
11 Bhutan 9.20
14 Ethiopia 8.50
15 Iraq 8.40
18 Uzbekistan 8.20
19 Papua New Guinea 8.10
20 Rwanda 8.00
22 Laos 7.90
23 China 7.70
26 Cambodia 7.30
33 Philippines 6.80
35 Thailand 6.50
37 Burma 6.40
40 Indonesia 6.20
41 Kuwait 6.20
42 Qatar 6.20
45 Bangladesh 6.10
53 Malaysia 5.60
62 Vietnam 5.20
94 Australia 3.70
100 Russia 3.40
104 India 3.20
116 United States 2.80
121 New Zealand 2.70
134 Japan 2.00
135 Korea, South 2.00
139 Poland 1.90
148 Hong Kong 1.50
152 Taiwan 1.30
155 Singapore 1.30
158 Switzerland 1.00
183 Belgium -0.30
184 Denmark -0.40
203 Austria -1.60
204 Spain -1.60
210 Italy -2.40


Here in my Jungle you have to get up again from your death to bribe the stretcher carriers not to toss your body roughly into the pile of corpses. Oh, dear.

What about the others? No comment. They will throw me into a shiteily shitted cell. Oh, man.

I agree GDP is connected with the leader and Ism, but not necessarily, I presume. I can’t go for details, in terms of economics I’m a goat.

Killing? These days everyone is killing everyone. Everyone is becoming PHD killer.


Here in my Jungle we even kill for the debt of 10 cents. I pray all possible gods before I go out to stretch my lanky legs.

And you have to watch the Pushers who will naughtily push you in front of a cute AK 47 or M 22 when you are happily marching and chanting democracy.

As for the police or soldiers, they always jump their guns? Especially when they see the angry mobs.

Don’t they teach that at Schools of Democracy before the Long March? How to be invisible or dodge the bullets like in Kungfu films. The organizers were to blame?

In 1988 we’d seen all these things, bullets were alacritously flying like bees. No joke.

I’m a bit pro democracy, but I’m not brave enough to bite the bullets. Yellow enough?

Who would take care my fluffy fluffy chickens if I’m not around.

God must be sleepy.

Have fun.

Be happy, we Junglies are still under your beloved Thailand. See the list?