I Love Swords.

I love swords. Not to kill someone. Just to feel the power of them.


When I was a child, we had in our home, a misericord - a dagger.

I liked to play with it. It was very beautiful. One day it vanished from our home. I was afraid to ask my father what happend with it. But I was very sorry.

I wanted to paste it beside my message-one photo taken from internet, but I failed.


A sorcerer might have stolen it to use it help his power grow stronger and stronger. J K Rowling might know the whereabouts of the sorcerer.

Have fun!

It is possible. But in which book, could have the sorcerer hidden it?

Did HP know about it? Oh! I see! You suppose, we might have find it under this stone?

You love swords?
Me too.
Well, not swords, but a certain fencing-foil!
This reminds me about those sweet times when I learned a little of this sport.
I was twelve, I wanted to do fencing (sword-play), don’t know where the idea came from, but I was fascinated by it and I have practiced it for two years.
At least, I have an idea of it and I did what I wanted. I also had a good time there.
As you say, I had fun.


The one in the photo is not me.

Can I be your sparring partner. Trust me I’m a martial art master. I’ll beat you just like that.

I love fencing too. It truly is an art to me. I envy you that you do fencing. U n b e l i e v a b l e.
If I have enough money I’ll come fence with you.

Have fun!

In this case you must find out the whereabouts of Rowling first.

And collect any unusual incidents around Europe and your neighbourhood connected to a dagger.

Then send a copy to me. I’ll initiate the facts with Sherlock Holmes.

Hurry up! We might save the world.

Have fun!

Mission Impossible ??? No, no !! You are right ! We MUST save the world!! We need ask Agatha Christie for the cooperation. My first (very good idea-I think), is get in touch with the mansoneliiassis. We can find them in Zaragoza.

When it is going about the Rowling, I’m not sure. She can be hidden in the on of her gloomy castles, writing the next her tapeworm. I wouldn’t count of her.

Go on then!

A dagger is a girl’s best friend. :wink:


This is my love and pride. It’s a 13th century museum replica of a Czech sword. It is blunt because it was made for exhibition fights. The blade has marks from previous fights in it. I didn’t photograph the scabbard because that’s the only part that isn’t authentic.



I envy envy you for that sword.

It really looks a fine sword.


Oh dear, Big Girl,

We don’t have much time to save the world. Where is your Agatha Christie now?

I must buy a crystal ball in Rangoon’s Flea Market.

Or in Warsaw?


Hello, Mr. martial art Master!

So you want to … “swoosh” me?
You don’t know how dangerous I am! My coach could have lost an eye if I hadn’t be so kind to hit 2 cm distance from it : “swoosh” – just like that! He hadn’t put the mask on his face – big mistake, isn’t it?

Seriously, you’re right to see fencing as an art. It’s also elegant, fine, intelligent and it reqiures discipline and talent and, as any other sport, a lot of work. You know that.

Don’t envy me, because I quit fencing long time ago. It was just a lucky moment of my life which I recall with a great pleasure many times.


Dear Kyaw!

  • "We don’t have much time to save the world. Where is your Agatha Christie now?

I must buy a crystal ball in Rangoon’s Flea Market."

Agatha Christie - she is in my mind. Don’t try find her there. There is terrible chaos- there, in my mind.
Because of rush! I hate to be in rush. I can’t think being in rush.

Good idea -to find crystal ball. There you can find a useful clue.
There is no time to go to Warsaw, you have not enough time for it.

Swoosh???–Is it a new password to the treasury of mysteries?

Don’t show it anymore. The SPY could notice it!!

Great unknown?!