I just want to start to work

At an employment agency


Clerk: My salary as an employment officer is more than 30000 dollars a year.

Man: Oh! What does it matter if an employment officer earns more than a furniture mover, I don’t care.

Clerk: It does matter, I tell you. Anyone can move furniture. That’s not an important job.

Man: It isn’t?

Clerk: No, It’s not important at all, but an employment officer, now that’s the most important job, that’s why I earn so much.

Man: Oh, I don’t care what I do. I just want to start to work.

Clerk: But you must care what you do. You must care how much you earn. It’s most important.


I just want to start to work.

Is “work” a noun or a verb in this sentence?

Thank you


It’s a verb. (“start to” plus infinitive)


Thank you so much, Torsten :rose: