I just can't understand the spaceship program.

Dear Learners,

I have a dull brain and I just can’t understand why some countries are squandering billions of dollars in spaceship program. Since 1961.

  1. As for me, with that much of money we can even build a new, rich nation with a population of 20 million people.
  2. We can save million of homeless, jobless and prostitutes.
  3. We can build homes for the old and five star hospital for the sick.
  4. As we are experiencing we even cannot control our own planet’s perils.
  5. How can we control the perils of Mars or the Moon.
  6. Our planet earth is almost running out of its natural resources for those lost causes.
  7. To me, at the age of 53 , the clear blue sky, the warm sun in the winter and the pleasant moon in night and productive - monsoon rain, green forests and blue rivers,seas and oceans - are just perfect.
  8. At this rate. world’s oil is to dry up in the 30 years. time and even Bill Gates couldn’t live on the moon. Too late for everyone to live on another planet.
  9. Instead of spaceship program , why don’t we save nature and live longer peacefully together.
  10. Applied science is healthy, day-dream science is harmful.
  11. Just to boast your country is rich and industrialized , why don’t you produce a 15 minute fake film and show the world. And save the actual cost for the time when you are poor again.

Just a dull worldly thought.

kind regards.

  1. The money spent on the US space program resulted in new technologies that have massively increased people’s productivity and, in a sense, built a new, rich nation on top of an old, rich nation. The economic advancement from the technologies devised by the space program have provided economic benefits many times greater than the amount spent to develop them. And they have not only benefited the United States, but the whole world.
  2. If you give the homeless and prostitutes free money, they spend it all, and in a few weeks they’re homeless and prostitutes again.
  3. Space program technologies have made home building more efficient. They have also made it possible to cure illnesses that could not be cured before. I know two people who recently had robotic surgery to remove their brain tumors at very low risk. Before the space program technologies made robots possible, the doctors would have needed to cut their skulls open. Just one of many examples.
  4. We can’t control our own planet’s perils, because we only cause a tiny percentage of them. The rest are caused by nature itself.
  5. & 8. When I was in high school, they told us that the world’s oil was going to dry up before 1980. Now it’s 2011, and the world’s oil has not dried up. In fact, there’s a new oil boom in the US and Canada, which promises to provide oil for many decades to come. Environmentalists have been scaring people with false predictions for many years. Do you remember that they said the world was going to be destroyed by “Global Cooling”? That was in the 1970s. They never stop crying “wolf”.

Your dull, worldly thought is not worldly enough.

Hi dear Mr.Lwin!

It is not the question of dull or sharp brain, instead you want to see what the other people say about a topic!

A significant matter is when Europe discovered the America in 1492, all understood more and more how the big profits lay there! A lot of cheap Land, Grain, Fruits, and Gold! These did mean more Cash and Capital.

Later, Captain James Cook discovered Australia—news spread all Europe how to occupy another new land that means again more affluence.

Robert Peary discovered North pole -almost all European flags rushed there-behind Cash! Under the snow, there not lies only death but also opportunity. Simultaneously they entered the Africa, and made a funny story ‘Tarzan’ for cash! Involved in the most hated ‘Slave Business’ again for money! Created up a famous book ‘The Roots’ By Alex Hely, I don’t know whether it created a present Obama!

USSR started to send Animals to the space first. They succeeded here, first animal was a dog name -Leica!
To create image toward the world, you can make money ultimately! To reach the moon, you can occupy the rich mining fields (including Platinum, Gold, Diamond etc). So-it is more money, more power, more diplomacy, and more ego!

This is not a complicated quadratic equation math rather than it is class 7 grades’ maths.

Once occupancy was a big business. It has still presence but under the Neo-tech. and Management(Diplomacy).

Thanks all.

The Europeans didn’t actually create the slave trade in Africa. The Arabs and Africans were already trading slaves, and the Europeans just joined in.

The Russians didn’t send a Leica camera into space, but a dog named Laika. That trip wasn’t too successful, because Laika died quickly after launch, but Russian TV continued showing reports of Laika’s trip for a few days, pretending Laika was still alive. Thank God they had the technology worked out by the time Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Terezhkova made their courageous trips, and they came back safely!

The United States sent the first chimpanzee into space.

Hi Dear Mr.Jamie(K)!

You might have right where our Russian friends can tell us few.

The Arabian Nights I read few, again somebody may show us more light here.

Problem is everybody likes to beat his own ‘Dogma’ where we are searching the truth!

Thank you enlightening us.

Dear Mr. Minhajquazi,

Discovering and conserving our own planet is good enough for us. I wonder how much a gallon of petrol and water from Mars and the moon would cost. As I was a general manager in an international firm , I know it would be impossible to break even the cost, even if they could exploit Mars and the moon. For instance, it may cost USD 100,000 per gallon of petrol CIF, Earth. Imagine the oil field workers in the Moon Gear. A Moon Gear alone would costs some thousands dollars or more. And you know how much it would cost to train a man to be in the spacecraft? It won’t be that easy like in the popular science films.
To me, it’s no business at all.
It’s merely a show case of cleverer men and those who want to boast their superiority.
I just can’t understand. We could have used more beneficially those wasted money, instead of sacrificing our own mankind under those lost causes.

kind regards.