I have some problems with english grammar and vocabulary

Hi Nessie

In that sentence, Mister Micawber basically made use of the idiom “to make use of (something)”. However, rather than saying “make use of”, he changed it to “the use (we) make of”.

“The use we make of expressions” basically means “the way we use expressions”.

For a definition, scroll down to make use of here

Thanks for your help, dear Yankee :slight_smile:
Actually I understand the usage of “make use of”, and the phrase “The use we make of expressions”, but I just find “English of expressions” here so strange . Why is it not “the use we make of English expression”?

Hi Nessie,

The phrase reads “the use we make in English of expressions” so you could also say “the use we make of expressions” or “the use of we make of English expressions”.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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