I have problems of understanding

In one movie friends are talking about automobile site.
-Did you see the update on the GM website?
-What update?
-Some guy in Kentucky boosted his power-to-weight ratio by 10 percent.
-You have the best design. New York guy gave up.
-The Kentucky guy is desperate.
-Don’t worry about it.
-Except durability. And power-to-weight.
-That’s where the new camshaft comes in.
-lt’s lighter and stronger at the same time.
-You’re one of the three finalists, Alvin. You’re the man!
-We’re only discussing you getting a full-ride, four-year scholarship

I have problems of understanding next pieces:
2.Except durability
3.That’s where the new camshaft comes in
4.full-ride, four-year scholarship

  1. the amount of power the engine produces compared to the weight of the vehicle.
  2. (We have to worry about) it’s ability to perform without breaking down or falling apart.
  3. The new camshaft (a part of the engine workings) will take care of that problem.
  4. If he can make this work, he is likely to get a scholarship which will give him entirely free university education for four years.

Thanks, but what about my added audio question above.

Yes, it’s okay to say that.