I have a difficulty in pronouncing 'sion'

hi friend! found a very easy way to laugh :wink: u should find a lover who have these …in his or her name. very easy to understand then!

Nahid24, I have ALL of these and even more.

Ya’ canna’ wack a Geordie as a lover bonny lass… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What do u mean by " Geordie dialect "?
alreet Kitosdad, R U divvie??? Please don’t misuse this forum.
In an understandable & idiomatic English, what I would like to say to you is: you seem to be some sort of duffer, dolt, booby, clod, rube, ass etc…
I get awesh.

Noren Lee

Noren, if you think I abuse this board you have every right to report me to the moderators. Just what do you wish to complain about.?

Hello Noren,

Thank you for you post, but I have to say: Please take back what you had say just now. Bill is just an old man who was simply trying to help. No more than that. What’s wrong with him? You can disagree with him, you can dislike him, but please RESPECT him. You are FREE to like, dislike anybody you want to, but he doesn’t deserve your HARSH and RUDE words. At least I never had an opportunity to seen him using harsh words to insult others. Calm down, my friend.

Take care,

Shi Weiqiang

You are too kind, David. It’s me who need to say thank you. I’ve watched all the videos on your Blog, include this one. All I want to say is: well done! Keep up! Your pronuncation is very good, quite clear and I can get used to it easily. :slight_smile:

Hi Shi Weiqiang,
OK, I am SO SORRY for my rude words and I wasn’t aware of the fact that U just said to me. As of now, I will not write such words for nice people like him. I am 7 times SORRY. Once again, please accept my apology on his behalf.

Noren Lee

Noren, surely it would be better to give your reason for your outburst. I do not require an apology, only an explanation for your attitude, as I don’t feel that I have ever said anything to, or about you, to warrant it.

Hello Bill, I am very much SORRY for whatever I wrote. Please accept my APOLOGY.
Once again, I am so Sorry, am sorry, am sorry. I won’t do this kind of thing as of now.

Noren Lee

Hi Kitosdad,
I am Sorry. I will tell you the reason why I did which I should not have done.
NEPAL is a poor country and I hardly get access to the Net. Do U believe that there’s a 16-hour of load shedding in my country. Writing in a great rush. Thanks

Noren Lee

PS: 16 hours power outage everyday.

Noren, I accept your apology, but I await your explanation.

Hello Kiotsdad i want thank very much i have been searching for sth like that for a paper research

thank you again,and keep up

Dear all,
I cannot be regular here in this Forum because of the load shedding ( 16 hours a day) and for some other reasons. Please pray that this problem here in my country will be over quite soon. By the way, I want to learn English with DAVID. I think he will turn out to be the best teacher for me since I prefer US to the UK English (both written & spoken). I was very much interested by his accent. Thanks a lot everyone, have a nice learning.

Noren Lee

Dear Nahid,
What do u mean by your post? U said that “… found a very easy way to laugh u should find a lover who have these …in his or her name. very easy to understand then!”
Can U explain to me one more time? Thanks.

Noren Lee

Hi all,
Just a quick note:

Noren Lee
(Now in NEPAL)

Thank you for your kind words and faith in me, Noren. Please feel free to sign up for my free club at the the web address below. You will then receive emails from me, and you are also free to reply to these. Thanks again!

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