I had given up vs. I gave up

I need help :frowning:

Please help me figure out the correct sentence out of the three below.

A: I felt like I gave up.
B: I felt like I had given up.
C: I felt like giving up.

If all of them are right, Could you tell me the difference when it comes to their meanings.
Personally, I think the first sentence is incorrect because if we use the past tense for both verbs (felt and gave), it means that I had realized that I gave up before actually giving up, which doesn’t make sense to me. I hope I’ve made my explanation clear but I’m not really sure about it. Please correct me If I’m wrong.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Nie,

I would interpret the meaning of sentences A and B to be the same. However, sentence A sounds more informal than sentence B does. In both sentences, first you did (or did not do) something and then later you felt that what you previously did (or did not do) was the same as giving up.

The meaning of sentence C is different. At the time of the feeling, you had not given up yet. The possibility of giving up was still in the future. The sentence does not tell us whether you ultimately gave up or not.

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Thanks a lot!!:slight_smile: