I got my TOEFL score. Many thanks for Kitos and everyone here!

My score is 93, R:23 L:23 S:22 W:25. This score is not so high, but maybe enough for me to apply to some universities. I enjoy writing essays here, enjoy speaking to friends here and enjoy listening to Kitos’s song-X’MAS song. I recommend this forum to many friends and introduce the forum on some English study websites. After accomplishing my application, I will come back to learn more useful English knowledge, not just for test:) Good luck for everyone. Many thanks for Kitos!!

TOEFL listening lectures: What does the professor imply about Leonardo da Vinci?

wow, I think that’s cool.
Would you please share me how you could get it?
Thank You.

Congrats Caroll ^^

Congratulations my friend ^^ !!! Wish you more great success in this New Year!!!

You are Richard93 who loves cat as I do, right? Aha, I can see ^^, so Bingo! Happy New Year to you all! I have a lot of tasks to do before applying some universities so that I cannot chat with you on this forum everyday, but I will come back soon. Waiting for my good news, my dear friend.^^ ^^ ^^!!!

Yes, it’s me ^^. So happy to see you again my dear. Always here to welcome you big hug :wink:
And I do not love cats that much. I only crazy about them ^^. This is my hug for you, (for both of us actually ^^)-two cat-persons:

congratulations good job