I got four lessons, and then... silence. Why so?

Hello Torsten,
nice to meet you. As this is my first time writing in this forum I just want to try how and if it works. So, I have a question. I got four lessons, and then…silence. Why so?
Best regards,

Hi Ricardo,

I don’t really know what you’re referring to, but Torsten is currently enjoying his holidays somewhere east of Transylvania.

If you need any help, just post it here. I’m sure that somebody will get back to you!

all the best,


Hello Ralf,
what I meant was that I got four English lessons, with links and everything. The last one was called “Please tell me more…” but time passes by and I don’t see lesson number five. Is everything OK or did I do something in incorrect way?
Best regards,

Hi Ricardo,

By now you should have received lesson number 5. You get one lesson every 4 days.
Hope this helps.

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I got lesson number five, thank you for help.
Have a good day,

Dear Tortsen

From the very beginning I have not received any lessions despite registering my self in the site and given my email address

Please assist