I don't know what I should do

I am Vicky. I had enter into a company for 3 months, But I had not worked out any contribution for the company. I am in the international department. But it is so difficult to do business with other country’s company. Every time when I think anything is very good and smooth, the customers have no information. I don’t know what is the problem.
I am very sad and think that everything I did is not useful. What I make an effort is disappear.
Now I am considering that whether I change other job. :frowning:

Give yourself a break. It has only been three months.

If you love what you are doing, don’t quit. And I also think one shouldn’t quit a job because it is just too hard.

Only if it affects your health and sanity, then by all means, quit. No job is worth your health and happiness.

maybe I really need a break, my heart is very tired, I want to go to a place where no one know me. Just leave me alone. let me consider more things and desider what I should do.

Of course you decide what to do with your life, no question about that. What I meant to say was, don’t be too hard on yourself. Everybody goes through this experience. Especially younger women nowadays. Most of them are brought up believing that they need to reach a certain standard and eventhough most of us wouldn’t have the problem holding our hands up asking for help, some are reticent, and the consequences of the desire to keep up professional appearances can be devastating.

I’ve been there, I know how it feels. I can be very calm during presentations, and might receive a compliment or two, but what people do not know is after that I locked myself up in a toilet and cried.

It doesn’t mean I am weak, it only means I am very very stressed out, and I am only human. Talk to people, reach for help and most importantly, pray.

Yes, my tear always is full of my eyes, and I hope someone can give me a shoulder.
But noone can support me, I can not tell them about my feeling.
because they my friends all think that I am a strong girl, anything for me is easy.
I do not know how to open my mouth to them.
When facing them, I alway look like happy although my heart is crying.

Nobody’s perfect. If it is just work problem, all you can do is keep trying until you get it right.

How are you?
I would want to have a break this time, But the day before yesterday my manager told me that I must find one customer in August.
I am very worry and the time is so short. and doing foreign trade in China is difficule. And our products is component of the solar water heater.
Although the solar water heater will be more popular all over the world.

I’m okay, thanks for asking.

What do you mean by a break? A holiday? I always feel guilty when I take I take longer vacation when others are busy working, but that’s because I work in a Japanese company. If you really need to take a break, you should tell your manager the truth. After all, managers are human too. I think they’ll understand.

Your work sounds interesting. I imagine it is a challenging job. But from my experience, if I don’t know to do something, I always ask people around. Your seniors have been there too, they were also once naive and didn’t know their way around!

All the best and good luck!

I can not bear, so today I asked my manager for one day to go home.
I want to sleep a whole day.
and do not think anything.
just be my parents’ daughter.
I think if I was back, I can bear and face the state.
and to make a decidition.
Yes, there are many seniors around. they help me so much.
I am very grateful.

Thanks for caring. Thank you.
Best wishes

Nice to see you. Cool shades, BTW. :smiley:

I am back
my feeling is better
although the problem haven’t dealed with.

will you come China to see the Olympic games?
although it happened the big earthquake in sichuan, we also are very excited about it.

I am glad that you are and no, I won’t be coming to China, would love to, someday. At least I want to visit the great wall.

My father worked in China for half a year when I was small. He loved China eventhough food was a problem at the place where he worked, and he told me the Chinese there pronounced my country Sarawak, Salalueh, because there is no Chinese character right for the sound. I think it was funny and I still remember up to this day. :smiley:

And yes, I saw many excited Chinese on CNN. You guys sure are very proud of your country.

But I am sorry about the terrorist attack. It shouldn’t have happened.