I don't know but what I'll go.


I came across this sentence in The Free Online Dictionary: ‘‘I don’t know but what I’ll go.’’ Does it mean something like: All I know is that I’ll go – ‘go’ as in ‘die’? (I’ve been thinking long and hard as to what it might mean, so I really have to know! :))


Hi Cristina,

I’d like to know,too. It verges on the gibberish to me.


I believe it means “I think I’ll go” or “I intend to go”. “I don’t know but what…” = “I don’t know but that…” is an old-fashioned or dialect form of words. The use of “what” instead of “that” sounds somewhat illiterate to me, but either way the expression is not used in standard modern English.

Thank you, Alan and I’m actually kind of glad it was all Greek to you too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Dozy – that makes sense. It has nothing to do with dying, then! :stuck_out_tongue: