I don't believe it (3)


And sorry Alan for stealing your subject line, but it seems as there is no better subject line for that what I felt when I came across the report about the intention of the German government to inhibit smoking in common buildings. And additional to that they think about a prohibition of smoking in common pubs, restaurants and similar common places.

I cannot believe that there are sitting hundreds of peoples representatives in the “Reichstagsgeb?ude” getting thousands of Euros (each one) a month, speak about disruling the German society (about eleminating the rule when to close shops, for instance) and seriously talk about a rule that inhibits smoking in common places.

When I go to my town office there is an advice board that smoking isn?t allowed there. Fine. But lacks this advice board every basic law or what? I mean, the town adminstration decided formerly on that and everything is fine. Why must I have to pay lots of taxes for stupid idiots who don?t know what?s up? :twisted: :twisted:

Since it wasn?t the first time that they had stolen their?s god a day this way, they can?t appologize with an advice to the every year?s again appearing “Summer-hole”!

Sorry, I can?t help myself on this!