I do so very seldom

In Mathematics, it is very daunting to see fractions appear in an equation. So, when someone asked me if I’ll deal with the fractions patiently along the way, where I know the chances of me doing that are rare, can I say, “I do so very seldom.”
(I know that I do so very seldom is a correct way of saying. I just want to figure out its commonness in daily conversation usage.)

It’s not very common. It would be more natural in daily conversation to say, ‘I don’t do so often’.


It’s important to be clear what iis meant by ‘so’ in the sentence. Is it used as a substitute for ‘deal with’ or is it qualifying ‘very’? Perhaps punctuation would help clarify.


Get it. Will try to avoid saying that often. Thanks, Beesnees.

Point taken on that one. Thanks, Alan.