I can't wait to meet Bev vs. I'm looking forward to meeting Bev


I can’t wait to meet Bev.

Can I say “I’m looking forward to meeting Bev” as well?

Thanks a lot.

You can, but with a different meaning.

In the first sentence you are impatient, while in the second you are hopeful.

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Hi Francis

I think “I can’t wait…” is casual, we often use it in every day life rather than “I’m Looking forward…” (more formal, usually using in letter writing)
I can’t wait to do sth = you are very eager to do sth

I’m looking forward = you are expecting sth in the future.

“I can’t wait” show more exciting .

For Example
Taylor Swift just come to your country to do the world tour.
you can say “I can’t wait to see her”

A new Peter Jackson’s film come out, I can’t wait to see it.

your clients/customers/friends say goodbye to you, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

I’m not sure whether others will agree. I just try my best :slight_smile:

Hi Francis,

You can use them both and there’s not necessaroily a change of meaning. ‘Looking forward to…’ is a little more formal, but it can be used in informal situations without sounding odd.

Hi Bev, Anglophile and Waiyin Cheng,

Thanks for your attention. :slight_smile: