I can't figure out ...

Hi. Could you please tell me what each word or expression means in the following sentences? (Sorry to ask you many questions at a time…)

  1. wrap things up
    I’ve been thinking about asking you out since he first introduced us. Right when I moved here. But I was seeing this girl from San Francisco for a minute in there and thought I should wrap things up before I called you. You know, just to make it all neat and kosher.

  2. the meaning of the whole sentence
    She doesn’t have the market cornered on female attractiveness.

  3. be up and in
    They are so up and in our business!

  4. the meaning of the whole sentence
    His Internet start-up went under.

  5. bussing tables
    He proceeded to draw this big graph on the board showing my earning potential with a college degree versus their earning potential bussing tables at Shoney’s. And how the gap would get worse and worse with time.

  6. dork gunner boy / the remote
    “I gotta fight the image of dork gunner boy, right? So I go out of my way to show everybody I don’t give a shit about academics. Started smoking’ weed every day, and never stopped the practice in college. Hence, well you know, my finishing next to last at Georgetown. I’m sure you’ve heard about the remote?” he asks.
    “Yeah. I know the story.”

Thanks a million!

  1. Conclude matters. In this case, presumably it means ending the relationship with the San Francisco girl.

  2. She is not the only/most attractive woman in the world.

  3. Presumably means “interfering in our business”.

  4. His new Internet-based company went bankrupt.

  5. macmillandictionary.com/dict … can/bus_10 sense 2.

  6. Don’t know. Without further context, “dork gunner boy” means nothing more to me than the sum of the parts. It’s not obvious in what sense “remote” is used. However, when a noun, “remote” often means “remote control”.

As for No.4, I had imagined that it had something to do with a bus schedule. But then, it didn’t make sense at all. I went to the webpage of MacMillan dictionary as shown, and got the meaning of “to remove dirty dishes from the tables in a restaurant”. I’ll add this dictionary to mine to get the definition. Thank you, Dozy.