I am new here. Nice to meet you all

My name is Huong. I am from Vietnam, 26 years old, I like English so much but it is too hard to speak E fluently. I am very glad in this forum to share information together, I like making a friendship with you all. If someone has a chance to visit Vietnam, don’t forget call me.

Looking forward,

Hi Ms Huong! Nice to meet you here. Where are you living in Vietnam now?

Hi, thanks for your replying. My home town is Hue City, but now, I am living and working in Da Nang City. Have you been here? Where do you live in Vietnam?

Oh, it’s great to meet a Hue citizen :slight_smile: you know, I have recently gotten to know a Hue girl. I like to listen to her voice very much. It’s something strange and special to me. My hometown is An Giang, but at present I am living in HCMC for study. I’m a third-year student at HCMUT. Do you often return to Hue?

Hi all. I’m khanh, and 25years old. Im living in Hanoi city. I’m working for o telecomunication equitment group. My English is bad. Can I make friends with you all? my yahoo nickname is dxkhanh@yahoo.com. I want to chat with you to improve my English level. Can you have me?

Friend its my first day here, Hope you people will accept me amongst you.