I am learning how to use the word back up and running again and also the word quote

  1. Can you please get the phone to be back up and running again?
  2. Can you please make the phone to be operational again?
  3. Can you put the phone back to work again?
  4. The mechanic can quote me any amount/price for the repair as he wishes.

Can I construct the above sentences in such ways? Please help me as I am trying to improve my English.


How about this. Can you please fix/repair the phone?
You can charge me any amount you wish for fixing/repairing the phone.


Thanks for replying.

I am learning how to use the word up and running again.

Can I say, can you make the car/ get the car to be up and running again?

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for teaching me :).


Yes, you can use the expression ‘get something up and running’ this way.

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