I am Istiak from Bangladesh - Nobody write me...

I am Istiak from Bangladesh. Nobody don’t massage to me. I am feel very unhappy. Please anyone write to me.

What do you mean by nobody writes to you?

we r love you

u r welcome

this is your the second home

he_she means a private massage
i think :shock:

Yes, Honey2 is right.-Istiak

Which is my second home, please clearify me. :roll:

i mean this site like yor house
we are the members are your sisters and brothers
this is the second house for you

are you a male or female???

Hi Honey2,

Thanks for your realization with best comments. Yes this is correct; we are all in a family. I am male. It is no problem to be your brother.

Hello! My dear sister.

hello istiak…
i am nitiish from india.
no one on this community need to feel lonely on this community.
we are brothers and sisters and can help each other out.

yes er are :slight_smile:

Hi,im Emanuel and i would like to make new friends…You have a myspace? or a msn? please give it to me i would like to make new friends please!!!