I am from South Korea

Hello! Torsten.

How do you do? It is nice to see you here.

I am thrilled to have this lesson. I haven’t listend to Sue’s recording yet. I’ll find out what city she comes from afterward soon.

I am from South Korea. And I need to time to get used to this site. It won’t be long for me to get that, I guess^^

As you might know, I have already signed up for this and got an email from Alan.

When it comes to myself concering English, I am not good as much as I expect because I know I don’t have enough ability to

catch every word in listening and in some grammatic matter. I believed that I know about English grammar.

But when I checked myself on this site, I realized there are many problems on it, even on easy grammar such as

" I don’t know what you are saying or telling or speaking or talking… which would be right one to the the sentence.

It’s really frustrating me. So I desided to get help from you on and on here.

I hope you have a good day for today.

take care! kind person, Dorsten