I am a beginner and I want to speak English fluently...

Hi Torsten,

I am a beginer & i want to speak english fluently. I can read & write it quite well but while speaking i found it difficult for me. Will you please help me out?


Sure, follow the instructions in this free email English course.


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Hi AS,

Welcome to English-Test.net. This is Tom Kane. If you need help with speaking English, please write your question or post a recording and we will be certain to get back to you.

Thanks AS. I hope you’re well.


we are ready to help you

Hi Torsten, I’m Amran from Malaysia.
I’m 41 years old. Working with consulting company in Kuala Lumpur.
Before i’m start anything, i like to thanks to English-Test.Net for giving me an oppurturnity to learn English correctly and free as well.

So, how i’m going to start.
Sorry Torsten,my english very bad!

Hi AS,

I understand many students learn English from listening to the BBC World Service.


I’m Errold from the Philippines. Well, i hope your project is still existing…
I’m currently looking for someone who can lend a helping hands to help me in my English. Person that will not laugh at me whenever i commit a mistakes. *wink!

I just applied job in Canada. And in few months from now i might fly there.
But before that, i want to prepare myself, of course, need to communicate well with them. That’s why I want to learn to speak in English fluently. I hope you can help.

Thank you very much and God bless…

Welcome Herrold. If you wish to communicate it may be better that you make a voice recording so that we can hear your spoken English.

Hi, friend English is not very hard. You need to follow these instructions to learn effective English to develop communication skills:

You must have good understanding of the words before you can use them.I would recommend you the site www.increasevocabulary.net to start with.Once you are done with that you can prepare your own sentences and keeping building up your repertoire by writing some essays and reading them loudly to yourselves.That gives you confidence .Hope this helps you.

I think we must communicate alot to improve our english but If you are in country speaking other language, so it is difficult to study. So the best way, you may study abroad at England or anglophone country/ or we can study english with other person via internet :)/ Me too, I speak and write bad in english so I thinks about study by this adress. Thanks soo much for this wed, I can study when I am free.

I would like to learng speaking english how can i do that

Hello Hargeisa,
To learn speaking english.You can start by buidling your vocabulary to an extent.Then use these new words you have learnt to make some sentences.Better if you can maintain a good notebook for this.Then you can use these sentences in your day to day conversations or in some english forums.You find many tips for learning to speak good english at improvingvocabulary.org.I hope this helps you.If you need any further help,let me know.Good Luck.

Hi Eflect,

Is there a special reason why you don’t capitalize the word ‘English’ and ignore basic punctuation rules? Is that one of the ‘many learning tips’ you are offering at improvingvocabulary.org?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Well Torsten,May be you need to check it out to find it.I dont have any specific reason for capitalizing or not capitilizing ‘e’ here,as its an informal forum and whats important is whether I could communicate about the language and how to improve it…as long as “english” and “English” are not two different langauges.Anyways,Thanks for noticing and taking time to share it.

This is a forum for people who want to learn English. If you consciously ignore basic rules of the English language you help other learners to reinforce bad habits. If you think that is this the purpose of our forum I’d like you to reconsider taking part in our discussions. You can’t ‘improve’ your English by reinforcing bad habits. It’s better to write short sentences that contain very few or no mistakes than to write a lot of sentences that contain almost as many mistakes as words.

For example, if you write its instead of it’s you consciously confuse our learners. The same holds true for writing lets instead of let’s. I’m sure you have enough energy to press certain keys on your keyboard? Here are three keys you need to start using if you want to continue posting on our forum:

  1. the space bar
  2. the apostrophe
  3. the shift key

Many thanks for your support.

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Sure Torsten, I will make corrections as suggested.Iam not here to be get away but to be a part of the learning community and share something from my personal experience.And try to learn something as well from other members.
I apologize for committing the mistake mentioned above(though it wasnt intentional) and I will try to make sure these mistakes dont repeat.May be take some breakfast to get that little energy to use spacebar,apostrophe and the shift key


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Hi Torsten,

I’m Azra, I’m new here, how can I improve my righting skills ?

" My writing skills. " There you go, an improvement already.