I always fall asleep or I'm always falling asleep?

A: (1)… asleep. I just can’t keep awake.
B: What time (2)…to bed?
A: About ten o’clock usually. But (3) … any difference.


  1. I’m always falling asleep
  2. do you go
  3. it doesn’t make

Base on what I know in present simple tense always means every and in present continuous means very often or too often. My answer to this question for number one was ’ I always fall asleep’ which is wrong. I want to know what is our evidence in this sentences to choose ing form.

You seem to have answered your own question. Although the simple tense is possible (indicating you do it every time), particularly in a context where you have already indicate the activity which you fall asleep doing, present continuous (very often) would logically be a better option here. You don’t fall asleep, wake up, immediately fall asleep, wake up, immediately fall asleep, etc. on a continuous loop.

The use of ‘always’ or any adverb indicating repetition with the continuous form indicates that this repeated action takes place more than you would wish as in -

That dog barks every day

That dog is always barking every day and I wish it would stop.