HV-patient vs patience

hi please help me to distinguished the difference of this pls.

same with the use of the following words

patient vs patience
complacent vs complacence
innocent vs innocence
present vs presence
independent vs independence
reminiscent v reminiscence.

thank you again.


In your list of words the ones on the left are adjectives and the ones on the right are nouns. Someone who waits quietly without complaining for something to happen could be described as ‘patient’ (adjective) and this quality is called ‘patience’ (noun).


thank you again sir Alan.

if i will use it in sentence

We must be patient, for us to learn more english usage. (adjective)

Thank you for your patience. (noun)

Could some provides sample for other words??

thank you.

Some words may fulfill more than one part of speech.

A person under medical care may be called a patient (noun). From that we might say, “The patient was patient when asked to wait one hour.”

A gift may be called a present (noun). From that we might say, “His present was present as were the others’ gifts.”

We sometimes shorten a phrase, such as “the innocent children” to simply “the innocents”. That makes it a noun, albeit by a bit of poetic license. News analysts might use similar treatment for “the independent voters” giving us “the independents”.

“Don’t be complacent. Complacence isn’t a virtue.”
“He maintained that he was an innocent victim. His innocence was obvious to the jurors.”
“His presence was enough to send chills down the spines of the others present.”
“An independent tradesman still must be licensed. Our independence is rarely absolute.”
“That story is reminiscent of one of my experiences. The reminiscence brought back emotions I thought were lost forever.”

Could I correct a little piece of your sentence?

I believe it must be “The patient was patient when being asked to wait for an hour”

What do you think?