Human Cloning

I read this article in a newspaper today.

[color=orange]It’s about human cloning. A US company has developed a new technique to create baby mice from genetically altered skin cells of adult animals.

Scientists there inserted reprogrammed skin cells from an adult mouse into mice embryos to create offspring, some of whom were full clones and others partial clones of the specimen from whom the skin cells were taken.

They say it’s possible to take a human skin cell, reprogramme it back to its embryonic state and then insert it into an early human embryo. The resulting offspring would share genes of three people - the two parents as well as the person who gave the skin tissue. Such children, who share a genetic mix of two or more individuals are known as chimeras.

But the new method can be used to produce a 100% clone as well. This is achieved by using a defective embryo that has four sets of chromosomes instead of the normal two.

What do you think the implications would be if someone went ahead and did human cloning? Is it unethical and unsafe? Would it be considered blasphemous?

And what are your views of human cloning?

Not sure.

Not sure.

Not by me.

I really hope one day human beings obtain the technology of clone organs 100% safely. Especially eyes. How I wish I have a pair of bright and beautiful eyes. :roll:

As to other kinda human cloning, I think it is crazy. :!:And how should we explain his/her identification if a cloned person asks us?

Unless it’s done to produce more Christian Ronaldos. :lol:

Hi Molly,

How much of Christian Ronaldos would you require? Possibly, I might swap one for a Pamela Anderson! : :lol:

Are you guys talking about the Oscar award winner Cristiano Ronaldo? :lol:

Hi daemon99,

I don´t know much about Christiano Ronaldo, but have an imagination of Pamela Anderson while her early 20th dressed in the red Baywatch uniform…slobber,slobber and so on… :lol:

Michael, I hope your wife hasn’t read your posts in this thread :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Pamela,

Why do you think I´m keen on learning English? :roll: :roll:

I am seeing your point, Michael. :lol: :lol: :lol: