How would you react?

Would you support your spouse/partner if she or he wanted to start an internet business?

  • Yes, definitely.
  • Yes, if they have a proper business plan.
  • No, I don’t think this would work so it would be a waste of time.

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Imagine your spouse or partner (the person you are living with and is closest to you) told you she or he wants to start an internet business…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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As you know, I think it is essential to get the suport of any partner/spouse before even attempting to start a business. I would support my husband 100% if he had done his research well into potential markets and it seemed a viable proposition. I would also expect him to support me if the roles were reversed.

Yes Sue, I agree with you - when you start a business you need the full support of your spouse or partner and it’s a good challenge for your relationship to prove how strong it is…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Sue, how you would know whether your husband has done his research well? I think it’s quite hard to tell, isn’t?

That’s a very interesting question, Savvythought. I think when you know your partner really well you can assume that they check into an opportunity thoroughly before they start a business. Or even better if you support your partner in the beginning stage already. What do you think?

This is all rather theoretical - why don’t we discuss real business propositions?

Very good idea - who would like to start?

Let’s select an industry first - production, transportation, telecommunication, catering, auto? Any suggestions?

It should be something that requires only a small financial investment because I’m just a student :slight_smile:

What about starting an internet business?

And what will it be all about? Maybe, we should first exchange our interests to see what could serve as a business idea to build a plan upon?

Openmind is right: We first should agree upon a common area of interest and then we might even design a plan. What about a site that features book reviews? Yes, there is Amazon that offers this kind of information but the reviews are very limited and you cannot contact the author of the review. What do you think?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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So, what domain would you host this website at? has been taken…

You can try another name or another top level domain, for example .net
What about or something like that?

Hi All

what about this name


these domains are avilable

Well, ‘4 book’ is not quite the phrase I would be looking for in a search engine. The domain ‘4books’ might be short but it should it be a popular top level domain such as .com or .net
If these are taken I would then prefer a .info domain instaed of all the other domains.
I think there is a connection between using an appropriate phrase or word for your domain name, a popular international top level domain and the content and purpose of your website. BTW: I find a very clever choice because .net indicates that the website is about a community and a network rather than a commerical website that offers only products you have to pay for.

I would simply get the details of her plans and after that, it’s when I give my honest opinion about it. When I give her my opinion about her venture, I don’t mean I am deciding for her but definitely she would take my advise as a tool or a consideration on whether or not she would pursue her plans. If she does, then all I can do is support her.