How would you feel if your country were occupied and enslaved

How would you feel if your country were occupied and enslaved by another country?
Would you be inferior ?


That depends on which country I was in and which country was occupying it.

If I were in Cambodia living under the Khmer Rouge, I would be happy when the Vietnamese occupied.

US occupation was good for Japan and Germany, and the world benefited from that occupation, as did the Germans and Japanese who were still alive. The Bosnians benefited from the US and West European occupation of Bosnia. The East Europeans did not benefit from Russian occupation.

There are also countries that are, in fact, too small to really be sovereign nations. Even though they may have their own separate borders and institutions, some larger power is always influencing them. Those countries’ choice is not between freedom and foreign dominance, but between which dominating power is best for them.

Dear Jamie,
Agreeable to some extent. Liberally wise thinking. Thank you.

with kind regards.

Burma was destroyed by Chinese, the British and Japanese. We, Burmese destroyed some of our neighouring countries throughout the history. We need to appologize to those who we have wronged. Man enslaved each other in history. There is nothing to be inferior or superior in this bad Karma. Yet to prevent the revival of it.


From what I understand, Burma was destroyed by the Chinese, the British, the Japanese, and finally the Burmese.

One thing that can be noticed in modern history is that many nations start to destroy themselves after their colonial powers leave. For example, the French or the British may have built a technical institute to train local engineers and scientists, and when they left, the local people destroyed it, denying technical education to their own people. Or when the occupiers leave, the tribes start to murder each other.

A friend of mine recently spent a few months back in her home country in North Africa, and she found that things as simple as extending her tourist visa required days and days going from this office to the next office, bribing this person and that person, etc. It was just ridiculous, and her mother angrily remarked, “This is NOT the system the French left us with!”

Note also that the British and the French ended many barbaric traditions in the countries they occupied. To the best of their ability, they forbade things like women being burned alive on their husbands’ funeral pyres, or young girls being stoned to death for shaming their families (or often as an excuse for some sin a man had committed), for example. They also instituted fair systems of justice and courts in countries that didn’t have them. Civilized countries, such as India, have tried to maintain these improvements, while others have destroyed them and gone back to a state of barbarism.

So occupation isn’t all bad, and liberation isn’t all good.

Thank you Jamie. Good one.


Yet, I was wondering what the British who occupied, enslaved and governed Burma from 1886-1948 had done any good to us, apart from stealing our timber, oil, gems , crown jewels , our freedom and nationalism. And notorious Japanese rapists who occupied, robbed and tortured Burma in the War. Oh dear. You can’t imagine that?


Considering what Burma is like now, it’s hard to say there was any lasting benefit to British occupation. I don’t think it’s because the British brought no benefit to the country, but because the Burmese went back to despotism and tribalism after the British left. Countries that accepted the institutions the British established have benefited greatly. Those would include India, Canada, the United States, and, yes, even Germany, where the US, the British and the French forced Anglo-American democracy and institutions on the population. Countless countries have benefited long-term from British occupation because their populations were capable of doing so. Unfortunately, in other countries, like Burma, they seem to prefer despotism and poverty. Can you really say that Burma was a free country with human rights before the British got there? And Burma still has natural resources – who benefits from them now?

And don’t compare the Japanese occupiers to the British! The Japanese raped and robbed but left nothing of benefit to their colonies.

Dear Jamie,

Human rights and democracy are cliches for me. There’s is no country with true democracy and full human rights. These words are happily used by manipulators upon naive people.
1886-1948 is whole lot of years. If the British really wanted to develop Burma , we would be in the top ten developed countries? What’s the term of most of the governments now? Most of them are merely four year? One of the worst thing the British has done to us is diving the national races by all means. Religion, race, economy and etc.,
Have you read the books named 'Burmese days by George Orwell and 'Lacquer Lady which picture colonial days of Burma.

My British teacher gave Burmese days to me and She remarked " don’t think all British are as horrible as the one in the book".

A country own natural resources are naturally meant for its origins? Don’t you think so, should they be for the mentors. If so those mentors are too expensive. Would you hire them for your country. Be realistic please. You should read more history of those days. For you can see all devils in disguise. What are your opinions on East-West Germany, Russian countries after USSR, Bosnia. Iraq and now issues in the middle east. I’m a bit business like. I only take things which bring plus after calculation. I’m not interested in things which cannot give physical results. I can’t feel democracy and human rights without luxury. I don’t believe civil wars and all their pains are the way to the democracy. As you know democracy is derived from Greek. Why I, a Burmese should learn and follow a Greek way. It’s really ridiculous to me. We have longer history than most of the countries in the world. We have our Burmese ways. We have lots of natural resources which most of super power want to steal at all time. One thing we are sure is we can live next thousand years as it is we are while some of the countries are not, with all these wars and natural disasters. So we don’t want to hire any mentors and pay them. What for? Wish they could feed their own mouths first. I know they can’t do so in near future. They are running out of all natural resources in their countries and eying to steal from the weaker. We know it well from our past experience.

kind regards.

P.S I’m not against your liking of so called mentoring. But, not for me. We have our own mentor who is really long sighted for thousands of years. The Buddha. Most of the worldly things are peanuts for the Burmese. We are not rich in materials but we are really rich in spirit and soul. We are simple, but not dumb. And don’t be so naive to believe all in the media. Media is a business my friend. Read history, they are real.

And Jamie. I’m not a member of any political party or association. I hate politics and so called associations exploit and live on the poor people’s money. Some thing like gangsters parasite on the weak. I don’t believe in cheating and stealing the poor. I’m a humble freelance teacher with no money. But I’m really free. I’m a free thinker and liver… I can’t sell my happiness to nobody, and can’t afford to pay any mentor and tutor. Oh man!


I tell you a funny TRUE story of what some Burmese think about democracy. Once some villagers thought democracy is something to eat when they heard that the whole Burma was asking democracy from the government. The villagers are so poor and they need stuff to eat. So they took part in the democracy movement in 1988.They earnestly demanded to give them democracy to the chief of the village. They were so disappointed when they found democracy could not be eaten. Later version was, they chief gave them some food as democracy to them.
And they chanted > Long live the chief! Long live the democracy! Long live the queen!


And I think Burma before the British occupation was somewhat like England before the Roman occupation or Hitler was at the gate.


Can I have a question? How do you feel as a citizen of the States. Are you happy all the time? If not, you are not different from the other citizens of the world. So it’s a good question to me " why does a citizen of the most democratic country in the world cannot be happy all the time" ? And are there how many of them like he or she? One million or hundred millions?


Please read as" why can’t a citizen of the most democratic country in the world be happy all the time"? Oh dear.


Patriot ( Mel Gibson ) and Hotel Rwanda are the films all about colonial days and so called democracy. You can see how horrible of them.


You’re wrong on one of those. Hotel Rwanda is not about colonial days. It’s about Rwanda in post-colonial times when the Rwandans were governing themselves.

I may be wrong Jamie, but you can guess out of it what colonial times can be? If the colonial ruling were solid, safe and sound , it would not have happened like that incident in the film?
What I wish you to see is insight , not the surface of it. And cause and effect.