How would you feel if your country occupied and enslaved another country?

How would you feel if your country occupied and enslaved another country?

Would you feel superior?


(1) You have asked a very serious question.

(2) I think the words “occupy” and “enslave” are a bit strong. I prefer the word “tutor.” Just as an older brother helps a younger brother.

(3) I believe that in the 19th century, some European countries and the United States wanted to help certain parts of the world to improve.

(4) I have to be SUPER careful, for I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So I shall only say that – in my opinion – there are many independent countries today that would be better countries if they were still being tutored by Europeans or Americans. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they asked for “independence” too soon, and the results have been terrible for the ordinary people: wars, poverty, corruption, brutality, etc.

(5) I do NOT think that I feel “superior.” I just feel that Europe and the United States want to share what they have learned with other countries. It took England, for example, hundreds and hundreds of years to become today’s democracy. I have no doubt that if England were still tutoring certain countries, those countries today would be much happier societies.

Thank you, I couldn’t catch your point. I’ve got very slow brain. It seemed to me that you are advocating some kind of neocolonialism? If it’s not, that my bad.

with kind regards,

Thank you for your reply. Some people feel that “colonialism” has been unfairly criticized. Some people feel that “colonialism” did wonderful things for many areas. For example, some people feel that life in their country (of course, I shall not name it!) was so much better under the British than it is today – under their own very brutal “leaders.” You have asked a very controversial question. I hope that other members give us their opinions.

Hi James M.

You raised a very deep rooted question that is ‘Tutoring’.

Look I am a xenophobia free one but you have to understand general human psychology.

I feel your motive or intention is good but could you guarantee to everybody that your country other fellow members are as like you?

In 1492, Mr. Columbus discovered the new land that is partially today’s the USA. If you look back, everybody knows the History about the dirty tricks and races among your so civilized other European countries -how to occupy the land for own means etc. etc.

Behind we have some bad politicians. These are the most disturbing elements whole over the world and the time has arrived they are now face few troubles as well, you might have seen in New York yesterday.

At a time and in an age when we have begun to ameliorate our condition through concepts like Global Village, Free Trade etc, the question of ‘occupying and enslaving’ another country is archaic. In today’s world we need to compete with, but not compete against, others. Let’s bury the past and act in the living present so as to ensure a bright future for those who will succeed us. It’s time we focussed our attention more on the word ‘peer’ than on the word ‘super’. Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.

Hi L!

I am afraid of if I don’t know my past how do I go to my future plan?

I am standing on my past whether it was glorious or humiliating I don’t care. Because
truth is always beautiful no matter how bitter it is!

Like ’ A beauty is a joy for ever’- said John Keats.

You are very much senior to me but I always scolded our back dated pathfinders in whole India.

Fortunately, I feel proud of we got an enlightened leader his name is Mr. M. Gandhi, leader of Martin Luther King. Mandela is the disciple of King. Today, India is rising only for his great sacrificing-mind it sir!

Burma was once a rich country around us. But un prudent, back dated and selfish leadership leads the country today’s position. I felt sorrow when I used to meet with
a meritorious Engineer -jobless-several times in Bangkok who was involved with some funny flying business to live on purpose-behind that some so called selfish leaders. what about the Thailand in 1935 compare to Burma? A poor country it was.

In fine, somebody should know the history otherwise trouble will not be solved.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your comments. But, I would like to remind you to have a look what somebody is doing something noxious now. It will be the world’s concern in the near future. Let’s just watch.

with kind regards.

Dear James M,
I think you are a little too much optimistic about colonialism. Perhaps, you don’t read enough or you’re young. Just hearing what few people say is not the true story. Somebody say nonsense sometimes.
Please,don’t overlook. The super power was once British colony. If they were happy under British they wouldn’t have fought for their independence?
Can’t you still see what Nazis and Fascists did? Do you know about the camps?
Don’t you have any sympathy on those who currently had to surrender their nationalism. Lost their pure human rights and families. I don’t advocate them but I sympathize. The best of least thing I can do?
Do you know England was almost on the brink of falling under Germany in world war II. They were just lucky.
I was born after our independence. I even have British relatives. At the same time I won’t forget what the British damaged Burma. You know why, I am a real Burmese.

with regards.

with kind regards.

Dear Mr. T.H Lawrance,

I’m not a patriot, or a chauvinist. I used these strong words as an alert for some ignorant frogs who want to sell out their country easily, and make rich men of themselves. I just want to say we educated people can be poor of materials, but rich in thoughts. That’s the best we can do now?

with kind regards.

Dear Mr. T.H Lawrence,

I can appreciate your optimistic view of today’s world. But, you don’t forget it can only be superficial. I won’t be the victim of conspiracy which will be revealed bluntly in the near future. Their plot is doing very well at the moment. Since you’re a highly educated person, you can easily see what they’re conspiring if you just sit back and watch the game for a moment. It’s really interesting to picture how and what they are playing now. But. they are not that good. Sometimes they slips because they are arrogant. I’ve been watching them for 20 years. It’s funny, sometimes they run out of ideas and get desperate. It seems they’re out of mastermind. Poor thing. Education. Education. Education. The real winners.

with regards.

For example. Why they wasted KING and saved BAHAMA. What is he miserably doing now while clinching to the seat. Poor thing. Being a scape goat for future plot of the world? Interesting? Crisis management, risk management etc… are the things to learn? Bahama can be wasted too especially when he wants to quit untimely.


The giant is drunk and desperate now. ( It is his own Fate, nobody can save it, he has something to pay back to the mankind. ) He is going to collapse or he will make the weaker collapse and sleep on them in the next 5 year’s time. Unavoidably. Ah, one exception though. If he can find a mastermind with blessing.


In the colonial days the colonialist would use- Merchant, Mission, Military techniques. And, really effective, divide and rule method.
This is another reason why I hate politics.
What today’s neocolonialists use? Ugh , you can know, just food for thought. What would you do to avoid civil war in your country. Make civil wars in other countries? And exploit out of it. Like looters in a riot. It can be really effective to use on numskulls and the innocent.


Mind you though , this time there can be a SUICIDE ATOMIC BOMBER NATION. Which explodes next to your country. It can wipe out your country as well? The funny thing is you cannot sue them. It’s a pure suicide in one’s own house? I have some atomic bombs. I’m desperate. And , you people are giving me a lot pressure that I can’t follow. I want to kill myself. I’m going to use my own atomic bombs in my house. That’s not your kind concern at all.

I have a submarine to catch. Bye for now.
Just a square thought.

with regards.

Hi Lwin!

Be cool now I understand your inside feelings. Slowly and steadily wins----my friend!

Dear Minhajquazi,

It’s really good that you can see me. But not fast enough. Keep it up my friend. It takes ages to wait you up.

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