How would you feel if you will be cloned?!

When this will be happen for me, I give him ( my clon) to do my work ( some of them) coz I’m very bussy .
I go to Lab , go to Thai Boxing , study Chemistry, study Spanish , Turkish AND Indian ,…
then I cant do them alone!!!
Me and him will be friend for ever!!!
What do you think about that???

I don’t remember where it came from (I am not the author!), but it seems to me it will be like this:

One day soon the world will be
A home for clones like you and me
They might be friends or enemies
And they will be used in the factories
You are you and you are you
And you are ubiquitious
Carbon copy cell biology

They have duplicated me
Identical anatomy in a laboratory
Is how our birth will be
Man will become the new god
The human soul won’t carry on
Our offspring would fare better in the pod
Not knowing their existence was wrong

Clones have got no souls
And when they’re gone there’s nowhere to go
Cross breeding makes their descendents forever
Lose their one way ticket to heaven