How well-known is the word broiler?

Hi, we had a discussion with a guy from eastern Germany about the origin of the word broiler. I knew that the term was used in east Germany and this guy told me that it actually is an American word. Now, what about the UK and other English speaking countries? Is broiler used there?

The kitchen appliance or the chicken?

Hi FrankU,

To the best of my knowledge here in the Uk most people would recognise it as in broiler house where the broiler chickens are reared.


A broiler is a grill, which is the word mostly used in the parts of Europe I’ve been to. Also, in cookery books you often see the terms ‘to grill’ or ‘to broil’.

Hello Mister Micawber, the person I talked to referred to the chicken - it turned out that broiler used to be a very popular word in east Germany. I didn’t know of the appliance called broiler. Is it a grill for meat? And there are combinations with broiler, for example “broilerplate response”. Are there any other expressions with “broiler”?