How to write my application?

Dear Torsten :
Thank you for your care and love for me. Some letters which You have written me gave me a great help. I like to read your letters and other English materias.
Now I have a difficult, I need your help. I want to apply for a seminary in America, which is Theological Seminary. How do I write my personal statement? Can you provide a model text? You are a professor, How can I write to touch the professor?
Give me a hand! Please.
Timothy Tu :oops:

Hi Timothy,

Could you please give me more information on the seminar you are going to apply for? What is it about and who organizes and administers it? Based on those details it will be easier for you to write your letter. Also, you should make a list with reasons why you want to attend the convention.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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