How to use the words, admire, praise, compliment

Can you explain how to use the words, admire, praise, compliment? Do you change the way that you use those words depending on the situation?

Yes, they’re not entirely the same.

To admire is to respect, especially when you are desirous of the qualities.
To praise is to express respect orally or in writing.
To compliment is to say or write anything good about someone.

He admires her ambition since he is uncertain about his future.
He praised/complimented her ambition in his remarks as he presented her an award.
He complimented me on my shirt last night.

“Praise” and “compliment” are often interchangeable, but “praise” would sound odd in the last sentence. “Praise” has more of an air of respect and importance than “compliment,” which applies to anything good.

Hello Mordant,
Thank you for the informative explanation.
I really appreciate your help.
I made some sentences with your explanation.

I admire her beatuiful flower garden.
She praised her children’s good behavior when they were in the waiting room.
She complimented a co-worker on her new hair style.

Very good, Asuka.

Thank you for checking out the sentences, Mordant!!