How to use the word: 'Seemingly'

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Could you please tell me how to use the word: seemingly. I mean that, in one case, someone observed the relationship between 2 values in the field. It has a scientific background, but the problem is only one time observed he/she can not say something exactly. For scientific studies, all of observation need to repeat many times to make sure and confirm. How to use the word that means it might exist but needs more studies to confirm? Does the word, seemingly, can be used for this case or other word should be better?

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seemingly -1 appearing to have a particular quality, when this may or may not be true [= apparently]: seemingly unrelated bits of information
seemingly endless/impossible etc The new minister was faced with a seemingly impossible task.
seemingly unaware/oblivious Alice was standing in the street, seemingly oblivious to the rain.
2 [sentence adverb] formal according to the facts as you know them [= apparently]: There is seemingly nothing we can do to stop the plans going ahead.Definition from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.
How to use the word that means it might exist but needs more studies to confirm? possibly, apparently, probably

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