How to use informal word?

I 've been watching Cartoon on Cartoon Network for 3 years. In some cartoons, characters speak way to different from my study, my curriculums at school.
They use informal phrase like :

  • What 's up, man ?
  • What 's up, bro ?
  • I am not big, I am way big !
  • ect …
    Should I learn those things when I travel overseas ?

Good question!

These informal phrases, as you might suspect, are slang. If you are going to use your English in an academic or formal context, then you should not worry about them. Furthermore, using these expressions may make you sound uneducated or too familiar! I once taught some ESL students who had previously learned some material from movies that included racist, hateful language. I strongly advised them not to use such words!

That being said, sometimes it is important to learn slang. If you plan to interact daily with peers on a friendly level, then you will certainly have to learn some expressions. The problem is that different groups within that culture use different expressions. I would probably never hear, “What’s up, bro?” from a 70-year-old woman in Minneapolis. Therefore, even if you learn some slang (which is beneficial to understand the context of the conversation), it is best to reserve their use for situations when you hear others around you using similar expressions.

Thank you very much, sir :D:D
By the way, are there any mistakes in my text ?

You asked about mistakes in your text.

The mistakes are only minor mistakes and are as follows:

“I’ve been watching cartoons…”
“…characters speak in a way that is different from what I studied in the curriculum at my school.”
“They use informal phrases like:”

Best wishes,
Shannon Cole

Thank you very much :D:D

hi sir
i am Rizwan .i wanna know about “would have” and “could have”…
i always get confuse in both time word.
is it right sentence? or not

I think it’s depen on your purposes or the situations to use these phares.

Hi, my dear
I would like to ask some problem for beginners. How to practice our speaking & listening skill.
we do practice everyday with non-native speaker, for example (Singaporean, Indonesian, Chinese, etc )
It was improving or not our English skill both speaking & listening, isn’t right? How should we do practice.
Please reply for this. How should we do more?

I am from Minneapolis too. Working hard to improve my English write up. Please give me some tips to improve my write up and English accent. thanking you.

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Learning English or any other language can’t be done overnight . It needs more time and self-patience.
Continue using this site and soon you see yourself as a successful learner… keep reading , listening and find time to converse and write in English …