How to use Hypens?


Could you please guide me to understand the proper use of hyphens? How to decide when to use the hyphen and when to avoid?

Also, in the following sentence:

“XYZ is a fully-developed nation”

Do we really need hyphen in between fully and developed? What will be the effect of removing the hyphen in the above sentence?

Please guide me.

Best Wishes,

Dear aiseduk,

There are very few reliable rules regarding hyphenation in English. Very often a hyphen is optional, and the writer has to make a selection. For example, ‘lifestyle’, ‘life style’, and ‘life-style’, are all correct. I would personally write ‘fully developed’ without a hyphen, and it does not change the meaning of the sentence in any way.

I hope that this helps.


The use of hyphens is becoming less common in English because of its complications. Many compound nouns which were once considered incorrect in English without a hyphen, are now considered correct.If you are not sure whether to put a hyphen between words, you should look in a dictionary, or write them without a hyphen.